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Thanks for voting. 1,056 people who voted on our site in 2021 believe that life begins at conception.

96% of Biologists Agree

In a landmark study in 2019 Steve Jacobs “emailed surveys to professors in the biology departments of over 1,000 institutions around the world.” The results showed that the vast majority of biologists – across various cultures – believe that life begins at conception. Jacobs wrote, “I found that 5,337 biologists (96%) affirmed that a human’s life begins at fertilization, with 240 (4%) rejecting that view.”


Right there...Right then.

By all criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception. … Science has a very simple conception of man; as soon as he has been conceived, a man is a man.” -Gordon, Hymie, M.D., FRCP, chairman of medical genetics, Mayo Clinic, Rochester


The Flash Of Light

“Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins.”

Conception To Birth – Visualized

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