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Thanks for voting. 181 people who voted on our site in 2021 believe that life begins in the second trimester. Check out why 1,056 survey participants believe that life begins at conception. 

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Clap Your Hands

Lots of kicking, bending, and movement helps joints develop properly early in the second trimester! This 14-week old fetus was even observed clapping during an ultrasound!

A FLASH OF LIGHT! A flash of light appeared when you were conceived! In fact, a flash of light appears when every human life is formed. Have you ever heard of that? Come watch this video.

Crying In The Womb

Fetuses in the womb can cry and produce tears!

This is possible because an unborn fetus has brain waves. Do you know when that develops?

Standing Up In The Womb

Whoa! Look at all this movement!

Have you seen a baby literally jumping in the womb before? You’ve got to see this.

Sibling Rivalry Starts Early

You heard that right! For multiples, the sibling rivalry begins long before birth. Check out these twins throwing punches in the womb.

What We Learn Before We’re Born
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