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Learning in the Womb - When Does Life Begin?

Learning in the Womb

Over the course of nine months, fetuses aren’t just growing but learning as well. After all, their brains and senses are rapidly developing. Here are a few things fetuses are
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Do Late-Term Abortions Happen? - When Does Life Begin?

Do Late-Term Abortions Happen?

There is much discourse on the subject of late-term abortions. Choice advocates insist that late-term abortions simply do not happen. Is this true? We explore this topic further and share
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Coping With an Unintended Pregnancy - When Does Life Begin?

Coping With an Unintended Pregnancy

Facing an unintended pregnancy can be emotional and stressful, even if you have adequate support. It’s important that you approach decision-making with a clear mind, as you explore your options
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The History of Safe Haven Baby Boxes - When Does Life Begin?

The History of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

For women facing unintended pregnancies, fear and urgency may cause them to make impulsive decisions. In 2016, Safe Haven Baby Boxes was established to prevent the illegal abandonment of newborn
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Resources for New Parents - When Does Life Begin?

Resources for New Parents

Becoming a parent is already a little scary and intimidating without the financial burdens of supporting a new life. However, there is emotional and financial support out there for new
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Is Abortion Healthcare? - When Does Life Begin?

Is Abortion Healthcare?

Choice proponents believe women have a right to abortion because it is an essential healthcare procedure. Is abortion healthcare? To answer this question, we must define “healthcare” and take a
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Post-Abortive Regret Statistics - When Does Life Begin?

Post-Abortive Regret Statistics

Choice advocates assert that in the event of an unintended pregnancy, abortion is often the “right decision”. If abortion is “right”, then why do so many women struggle with severe
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4 Unplanned Pregnancy Options - When Does Life Begin?

4 Unplanned Pregnancy Options

An unplanned pregnancy is financially, physically, and emotionally stressful. Fear often drives women and couples to choose abortion. However, there are safe alternatives to abortion that benefit everyone, including the
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What is Bodily Autonomy? - When Does Life Begin?

What is Bodily Autonomy?

Choice advocates are adamant that illegalizing abortion violates a woman’s bodily autonomy. What is “bodily autonomy”? Does this concept hold up in the case of terminating an unintended pregnancy? Let’s
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Is a Fetus a Person? - When Does Life Begin?

Is a Fetus a Person?

Choice advocates often pose the question, “Is a fetus a person?” The “personhood” argument asserts that a fetus’ life does not hold the same value as the lives of those
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When Does Life Begin?

When Does Life Begin?

Morally, we cannot justify the taking of innocent lives in any context. So before forming an opinion on the topic of abortion, it’s important that we ask ourselves, “When does
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