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The History of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

The History of Safe Haven Baby Boxes - When Does Life Begin?

The History of Safe Haven Baby Boxes - When Does Life Begin?For women facing unintended pregnancies, fear and urgency may cause them to make impulsive decisions. In 2016, Safe Haven Baby Boxes was established to prevent the illegal abandonment of newborn babies and assist women in crisis. Here’s a brief history on Safe Haven Baby Boxes and its founder Monica Kelsey:

How It All Began

As an infant, Monica Kelsey was adopted by a couple in Ohio—but that’s not where her story began! Monica’s birth mother was 17 when she was brutally attacked, raped, and left to die on the side of the road. After becoming pregnant by her perpetrator, she was convinced an abortion was the best option due to her circumstances and trauma. When it was time to have the procedure, she began having second thoughts and fled the facility. Out of shame and fear, she lived the remainder of her pregnancy in seclusion before abandoning Monica just two hours after delivery.

Uncovering the Truth

For the majority of her life, Monica knew nothing about her conception and birth parents. It wasn’t until she was 37-years-old that she uncovered the truth. It was devastating to discover that not only was her birth father a rapist, but her birth mother was a victim. Monica was certain she’d been given a second chance at life for a reason.

Making a Difference 

Inspired by her birth mother’s tragic story and existing “baby box” operations in South Africa, Monica decided she wanted to save other babies from illegal abandonment. In 2016, she established Safe Haven Baby Boxes to educate others on the Safe Haven Law, provide a solution for mothers in crisis, and save lives.

Fire stations and hospitals across the nation now have baby boxes for the legal, anonymous surrender of infants. Since installing the first baby boxes, Monica and her team have trained first responders on Safe Haven surrenders. Since its inception, this organization has had over 140 legal Safe Haven surrenders.

Additionally, Monica and her team have established a 24-hour hotline, providing counseling and assistance for mothers in crisis. The hotline has received over 8,000 calls from across the United States. Monica’s team has referred over 500 women to crisis pregnancy centers and assisted in 10 adoption referrals.

How Safe Haven Baby Boxes is Saving Lives

Unintended and non-consensual pregnancies are difficult to navigate, which is why many women turn to abortion. However, abortion harms women and the unborn. Safe Haven Baby Boxes provides women the opportunity to surrender their child and offer them a better life. Furthermore, this organization saves the unborn from a fate like abortion.

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